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Personal site of artist: painting and pictures

Saint-Petersburg. Cultural Center Pushkinskaya 10

Aslangery M. Uyanayev

I was born in the city of Nalchik, situated in the Northern Caucuses in Russia, the 26th of December 1962. I graduated from school in 1980, and entered the Kabardino-Balcarian State University the same year. In 1985 I finished my degree in architecture. The 5th of August 1985, I moved to St.-Petersburg, where I became a part of the workshop on Griboedov Channel 138. In 1988 I moved to another workshop, this one on Makarenko Str. During the whole period I studied oil painting and attended
lessons at the Academy of Arts.
Since 1991 I have both worked and lived in the Cultural Center Pushkinskaya 10.
I'm a member of the St.-Petersburg Artists' Union (monumental dept., since 1994), as well as the
Free Arts Foundation at Pushkinskaya 10.
I believe that the road itself always has a destination. The creative process is my engine of internal combustion.
Among my personal exhibitions are:
2000: Gallery-103, St. Petersburg
1999: Museum of Non-Conformism, St. Petersburg
1998: Borey Gallery, St.-Petersburg
1996: CVJM, Hamburg
1996: Planetarium, St.-Petersburg
1995: Gallery-21, St.-Petersburg
1995: Lorentza Gallery, Munich
1994: Emmelhausen Cultural Center, Germany
1993: Raissa Gallery, Erfurt, Germany
1993: Ignis Cultural Center, Cologne
1992: Cultural Center Kulturbrauerai, Berlin
1991: Dostoevsky Museum, St.-Petersburg
In addition to this, I have participated in different Russian and international group exhibitions. Among them are:
1996 - 2002: Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall, St.-Petersburg. Petersburg-96
Petersburg-2001,Petersburg-2002, Petersburg-2003, Petersburg-2005
1998: Moscow Art Salon, Manezh, Moscow
2000: MIART Milan, Italy
2002: The State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg.
Retrospection Abstraction in Russia. XX Century
My works are exhibited in museums both in the US and Russia (including the State Russian Museum). In New Jersey I am represented in the Zimmerly Art Museum of New Brunswick. In addition to this, you will find my paintings in private collections in Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and USA.


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